electricianYour home connects to the grid through the electrical box. It is responsible for dividing up the electrical source from the box to the different parts of your home. This is just the basics of the electrical system of your home. Although most people have a good idea how to turn on a breaker switch if it has flipped, not all homeowners understand that it’s important to know how old their home’s wiring is, the existing regulations about the wiring, and the possibility of losing their house to fire due to an old fuse box. That’s why any concern related to your electrical system must be dealt with by a professional electrician.

The first question you need to ask yourself is the age of your home. Older houses are more at risk of fire hazards compared to newer houses, mainly because of the electrical system. Insurance firms generally don’t insure houses that still use an outdated circuitry and old faulty wiring.

The concerns that insurance firms have is that the home inspector cannot tear up the walls of a home for any reason, not for leaks, termites, or even for checking the electrical wiring. Because of that, a home inspector can’t determine the house’s wiring grade. But if you have two pronged outlets instead of the three pronged ones, then that’s a sure sign that your wiring is already outdated.

More than a decade ago, new rules have been imposed across the United States, which require homes to have an electrical box that should be attached outside the house. It was proven that having an electrical panel outside the house is better so that the fire fighters can easily turn off flow of electricity to the house on fire. Consequently, homes that are between 12 to 15 years old have breakers installed outdoors, electrician Columbia says.

Given that most of the houses in the United States are more than 44 years old, this simply means most of the homes in the country require an electrical upgrade in order to carry the average electrical load specially in today’s technologically dependent era. Unless you’re an expert in this field, then you should hire a professional electrician Columbia.

Whether your electrical box is located inside or outside your home, you have to understand that the electrical panel and the wiring in much older houses were made for very low loads. In case your home is already two decades old, it probably had a TV, fridge, HVAC unit, water heater, dishwasher, and microwave. If it’s already 35 years old, then no microwaves were built during that time. The load amount that the fuse box of a typical home can carry back in the days was enough to manage, even if a microwave and television was added.

In case your home was constructed five decades ago, it’s probably struggling to deal with the addition of a microwave and a TV. Aside from that, it’s also having issues handling multiple computers, printers, coffee makers, game systems, food processors, and so on.

Upgrade Your Electrical System With The Help of A Pro Electrician

It’s important to get the electrical boxes of older houses to be upgraded. It is a must if your home has a fuse box. This is the kind of home improvement that you won’t be telling anyone but one that’s done and you’ve increased the electrical capacity of your electrical panel then you can show off your house for years to come. But if you fail to upgrade your breaker box then all it needs is bad luck to start a home fire that can destroy your entire home.

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