electricianIs there are power outage in your entire house? Here are some tips from professional electricians to diagnose why the power is out and how to turn it back on. The first thing you need to do is to find out the source and extent of the problem. The first question you need to ask, according to expert electricians, is if the problem has something to do with your electrical system at home or if it’s with the electrical supply of your utility company to your home.

Your neighbors don’t have power, too. In case you don’t have electricity in your house and your neighbors don’t have electrical power too then you have to call your utility company. If your neighbors have power then there’s something wrong with your home’s electrical system. You also have to check the other parts of your home if the outlets or lights are not working. If you don’t know how electricity is distributed in your home through the electrical circuits, then it’s time to call an electrician Columbia.

Pro Electrician Tips for Checking an Overloaded Circuit

If your neighbors have power and some parts of your home has electricity, then your electrical problem may be caused by an overloaded circuit, a loose wiring, or a short circuit. You can assume that it’s because of an overloaded circuit if someone was using an air conditioner, electric heater, or other appliance that takes up a lot of electricity.

Check the main panel. The entire circuit will get shut down if a circuit breaker trips or if a fuse blows due to a circuit overload. A circuit that is protected by GFCI outlets or circuit breakers may still trip, thereby shutting down the receptacles that are connected to it. You can fix the problem by resetting the GFCI device.

If the circuit is not working and it doesn’t have a GFCI device, you should check the main panel or the electrical subpanel that is serving the circuit. Check if one of the circuit breakers flipped off. If it’s halfway between off and on, unplug everything and then reset the breakers. Turn it off and then on again.

If your electrical system has a fuse box, check and replace any fuse that may have blown. Search for a broken element underneath the glass surface of the fuse. It is best to use a fuse puller to take out and replace the blown fuse. Never touch any metal part using your fingers.

Always remember that if a circuit blows right away after you changed the fuse or reset the breaker, you have to call an electrical contractor right away. A defective device or charred wire in the circuit may need to be replaced. In case the circuit doesn’t blow, then you should turn the lights back on and then plug in the each one of the appliances to check for short circuit or overload.

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