electricianPets love to chew on items around the house. While chewing your shoes may give you an excuse to buy a new pair, munching on electrical cords is an entirely different story. It will not only damage the power cords and appliances, but it could also become a hazard for the pet itself. Electricians said that a shock or electrocution could hurt or traumatize the animal and probably leave long term problems including pulmonary edemas.

Although dogs are much more likely to munch on electrical cords rather than your neighbor’s cat, some feline owners say that their pet is also doing the same thing. So here are some things you need to do to prevent your pet from chewing the electrical wires.

Hide the wires

Among the first steps you need to take, according to electricians Columbia, when preventing your pet from chewing the electrical cords is to hide the wires. You have to reroute them behind a large furniture or behind your TV so it’ll be difficult for your pets to reach them.

Don’t let them dangle

Dogs may not be a fan of dangling cords but cats do. They will play anything that dangles and if there are electrical cords in your home that are not secured against the furniture or a wall, then they will become easy targets for many pets. Buy some cord clips so you can secure the loose electrical wires. It’ll also make these cords look less attractive to your beloved pets.

Spray cords

If your pet cannot resist munching on electrical wires, one trick you can do is to coat the electrical cords with chili paste or vinegar. The vinegar’s scent will repel most pest while they need to taste the chili paste first before they learn their lesson. In case these methods don’t work, you can use commercial detergent sprays. Just make sure to unplug the cords before using the product. Don’t forget to monitor how your pet reacts to the commercial spray. Some may enjoy it while others would stay away from the item on which it was sprayed on.

Unplug unused devices

Electrical contractors say that for your pet’s safety, you should consider unplugging all of the unused electrical devices. Even though that may not stop the pet from munching on the electrical cord, at least they won’t get electrocuted.

Minimize the electrical cords

You should consider getting rid of the power cords that you’re not using.

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