electricianThe holiday season is just around the corner. Homeowners are starting to take out their Christmas lights and ornaments from their basement or garage. Many of them have started to decorate their homes for the upcoming holidays on their own while others have started to hire electricians to help them out.

Although holiday decorating is a fun thing to do, you have to remember that many of your favorite decorations are at risk of causing electrical hazards, fire or injury when not used correctly and carefully. Do not let a preventable accident prevent you from enjoying the holidays. Whether you are excited to prepare for Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas, here are a few things you need to remember so you can decorate your home safely.

Lights and Decoration Tips From Professional Electricians

  1. Buy lights, extension cords, and electric decorations that are UL-listed.
  2. Use lights that are rated for outdoor use if you plan to install them outside.
  3. Check all the lights, extension cords, and electric decorations for signs of damage to the bulbs, plugs, and wire insulation. If the bulbs have been damaged, you can repair them. But if the cords and the wire were damaged, you have to replace them.
  4. Make sure that the lights are unplugged before you make any repairs, changes, or replacements.
  5. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide on how to use the lights and decorations.
  6. Don’t overload the extension cords. You have to know the extension cord’s wattage rating first as well as the lights or decorations’ power requirement before starting plugging them in. If you are not sure, call an electrician Columbia right away.
  7. Always check the Christmas lights and make sure that they are not warm to touch.

Buying A Christmas Tree

Did you know that the Christmas tree that you choose will have an impact on its flammability factor. Dried out and older trees will ignite and burn a lot faster compared to those that are well hydrated and freshly cut. So, when you are looking for a live and natural Christmas tree, there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Before you take a Christmas tree home, be sure that its needles are green, fresh, and attached firmly to the branches. You should bend the needles using your fingers. The tree is too dry if the needles break. You should also check the cut surface of the trunk if it is sticky to the touch. Lastly, pull the tree up vertically and then tap its trunk against the ground. You should move on to another tree if the needles start to fall off.
  2. Look for a robust variety of Christmas tree with thicker needles.
  3. If you would rather have an artificial tree, you need to choose one that is fire retardant.


Call CHS Electricians Columbia now if you want to make sure that there are no electrical concerns that could lead to electrical fire and hazards as you set up your Christmas decorations.


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