emergency electricianEven if your home is built to last, the forces of nature will always be stronger. Considering the amount of water, the strong gusts of wind and the unpredictable lighting strikes that storms bring, it’s easy to see just how fragile your home can get. The electrical system in your home is designed to be as tough as possible. However, when water breaches your home, you’ve got a really big problem in your hands. There are two common types of damage that you may encounter after a storm. It’s important to get in touch with an emergency electrician for immediate repairs.

Issues to expect after a major storm

Lack of power

There are a number of ways that power can go out. During a storm, lightning, water, and wind can wreak havoc in your community. Power issues could result from the following:

  • Lightning strikes – although there are no patterns as to where lighting could strike, there’s a chance that a power line could get hit. This could cause a widespread power outage.
  • Wind damage – if the lighting doesn’t strike anything on the ground, wind could bring electrical posts down with ease. Winds reaching speeds upwards of 120 kilometers per hour can easily rip trees off the ground and bring major structures down.
  • Water damage – even if you’re lucky enough that your home didn’t get hit by lightning and the wind hasn’t caused too much damage, water could. Once water breaches your home, it’s only a matter of time before the water causes all sorts of electrical problems.

The best way to deal with electrical problems is to seek the services of a Columbia electrician after the storm. It is expected for the power to go out so be sure that you are prepared. Store emergency kits including non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, or perhaps a portable generator.

Water damage

Storms not only bring winds and lightning but also a lot of water. Heavy rains can cause flash flooding. It’s quite dangerous because you have nowhere to run. There’s really no way to ensure that your home won’t get damaged. When nature takes its toll on your home, there’s no telling the extent of the damage. However, what you can control is when to have repairs done. Once the storm has settled, immediately contact your local residential electrician. Action must be taken immediately. In most cases, the longer the problem is addressed, the worst it’s going to get.

Call in a professional electrician

A storm is unpredictable and so is the damage that it could cause. When your home is hit badly by a storm, be sure to call in an electrician like CHS Electricians Columbia. An expert will be able to fully assess the extent of the damage, provide a detailed report, and fix all issues and restore your home’s electrical system to its original state.

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