electrician Columbia SCCeiling fans remain a reliable method of cooling for many homes. In fact, HVAC professionals advise homeowners to install ceiling fans to aid airflow inside the home. A ceiling fan operates under a simple concept yet very effective. However, the installation of a ceiling fan isn’t for everyone. If you want to install one in your home but don’t have the tools or expertise to do so, it’s best to call an electrician Columbia SC. But of course, you could always give the installation a go. This article will show the steps you need to do in order to correctly install a ceiling fan.

How to install a ceiling fan:

Remove the existing lighting fixture

Safety is the main priority. The first thing that you need to do is to turn off the electricity leading to the old lighting fixture. Then you have to unscrew the lightbulb from the fixture. After this is accomplished, unscrew the fixture from the ceiling. Remove the wires as needed. If you find it hard to accomplish the first step, call in an electrician to finish the job.

Cut a new hole for the ceiling fan

After the old lighting fixture has been removed, you need to cut a new hole for the ceiling fan. Refer to the installation manual for the correct size of the hole. The hole needs to be accurate in order to fit the base of the fan accordingly.

Install a new electrical box

Feed the electrical wire from the fan through the knockout hole in the pancake box. Press the box against the joist inside the hole that was previously made. Secure the box with the bundled screws

Set the ceiling medallion in place

The ceiling medallion is next to be installed. Apply adhesive to the back of the medallion and pass the wires through it. Fasten it with nails, driving them into the joist.

Install the ceiling plate

Hold the ceiling plate against the pancake box. Feed the wires through the center hole and secure the plate with screws.

Assemble the fan

While on the floor, assemble the parts of the ceiling fan. Remember, not all ceiling fans are built the same. There will be a specific way of assembling the fan. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide to building the fan accordingly.

Connect the wires

Once you have completely set up the fans, it is time to connect the wires. The wires are color-coded so you won’t be confused. Once the wires are connected, position the fan against the medallion and secure it with screws.

Attach the fan blades and lights

After the fan assembly has been attached to the ceiling, install the blades and lights if any. If you find it hard to follow all the steps, hire a professional to do it for you. Working with appliance circuits can often be troublesome for novice DIYers. The best and most efficient solution is to hire a professional like CHS Electricians Columbia.

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