electricianMaking Sure You Hire The Right Electrician


Unlike the work of most trades, the work of an electrician goes unseen for the most part. Since the wiring is hidden behind walls, in the back of a switch plates or out of sight in panels that are out of the way, you don’t really see the quality of work done. You might see wiring in your crawl space or attic, but even if it were all visible to you, most people wouldn’t have a clue about how to judge the quality of work done or whether it meets code, etc. But a little homework and outside resources will help you gauge whether or not your electrical contractor did a top quality job or not. Here are a few things you can do to be certain the job was done right.


Judging The Work Of An Electrician


Think about just a few options here…it will go a long way.

Check Their References. Any time you hire electrical contractors of any kind to come into your home, it’s a good idea to ask for references from that person or company and then check with those references. When talking to a former client as a reference, ask them whether the work was done on time or not, how they behaved in your home, if their electrical work passed inspection or had to have frequent changes, And don’t forget to ask how their overall impression was of the technician, and if they were ultimately satisfied with the job the contractor did. Word of mouth is still the best advertising.

Talk to other professional people in your area. Consider talking with some contractors in your area who have worked with this electrician. Other professional tradesmen can give you an accurate professional opinion about someone in question. Check with people like inspectors, contractors, or architects. They can speak from a professional point of view.

Check out some current jobs in person. If you have the time and desire to do so, take a visit to some of the jobs the electrical contractor Columbia has finished or is currently working on and see for yourself what you think. While you might not know how to inspect the work for code, etc., you can look closely and just judge the quality of the work and how neat and tidy it looks, along with how organized the various cables and wires appear.


Great Work Means Great Reputation


Something as important as electrical work should make you want to find the best. Any quality emergency electrician will have a good reputation to go with it. If you can’t find good references, or they haven’t been in town long enough to back up their work, then you should move on. Trade professional as well as clients will have no problem recommending a great contractor.


If you have any other questions about the work of an electrician or if you need electrical work of any kind done, give us a call today. You can trust the reputation of CHS Electricians Columbia!


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