electricianFinding out that your electrical outlet is not working can be quite annoying. But did you know that you can easily fix an electrical outlet that’s not functioning properly? Professional and reliable electricians shared some tips on how to troubleshoot your non functioning electrical receptacle.

Always remember that a DIY electrical repair can be dangerous and may cause electric shock, fire or even electrocution. It’s better if you hire a licensed electrician Columbia to do the work for you especially if you’re not sure what to do.

Tips From Pro Electricians: Troubleshooting Your Busted Electrical Outlet

Test the appliance

Even though your problem may seem to be the concentrated on the electrical outlet, you should still test the appliance that you are trying to use because it’s also possible that it’s the source of the issue. If the appliance has a reset button, press it. Check the cord and the plug to make sure that it is in good shape. Double check that the plug is inserted properly in the socket. Connect the appliance to another outlet. If it turns on without any problem then you’ve confirmed that the outlet is the issue.

Check The Breaker

Find the fuse box or electrical service panel. It’s usually located in the outside wall, hallway, garage, or basement. If it seems like there’s no problem or if at least one breaker is partially tripped, then you should try flipping every individual breaker off and on again so you can be sure that all of them snap back properly into place.

Check The GFCI Outlet

The installation of a GFCI outlet is a must according to building code requirements. It should be installed in the area in your home where there is a water source like a faucet. It should be in the kitchen, outdoors, garage, laundry room, and bathroom.

GFCI is made to protect you against electrical shock. It is super sensitive. It will trip right away once it detects excessive humidity or a power surge. The GFCI outlet must never be in contact with water before you press the Reset button.  If it won’t resent, then you have to call an electrical contractor.

Check The Electrical Outlet

Inspect the electrical outlet. Sizzling and buzzing sounds, scorch marks, or too much heat when you place your hand close to the outlet are indications that you need the help of an electrician.  It’s inexpensive to replace a broken electrical outlet. If you are about to replace one, why don’t you consider using a GFCI or tamperproof outlet. You can also install a duplex outlet.

Check The Connection To Your Electrical Wiring

Is it possible that the electrical outlet hasn’t been working since you moved into your home? If so, then it’s possible that it wasn’t connected to your electrical wiring. It’s also possible that the wires have become corroded or loose over time. Whether it’s the former or the latter, electrician Columbia experts say the connecting wires should be cleaned and then reattached so the electrical outlet that’s currently not working will be usable.

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