residential electricianHousehold electrical issues can be annoying at times. Other than that, electrical issues can even affect your electric bill. Not only will you have to deal with a heftier bill, but you’ll also deal with the stresses that such problems cause. Luckily, you can always count on a residential electrician to come and save the day. However, you can always go ahead and fix minor electrical problems at home with minimal effort. Doing your own repairs can be handy especially if you don’t have the time to wait for an expert to come. On the other hand, your first option should always be to hire an electrician to err on the safe side of caution.

Here are common household electrical issues that you could fix:

Loose or unusable electrical outlet

Over the years, the electrical outlets you use will become loose. They no longer hold the plugs as tightly as they did a few years back. This is due to the mechanical design of electrical outlets. They are designed to secure the ends of the plugs to establish an electrical connection. However, during years of continued use, the terminals inside the electrical outlets begin to corrode and no longer hold a firm grip. You can mend this by replacing the electrical outlet. First, the power leading to the electrical outlet must be cut. This can be done through the main panel and switching off the circuit breaker responsible for controlling electricity leading to the particular electrical outlet. If you have a hard time with the replacement, call CHS Electricians Columbia and be done with it.

Circuit breaker frequently tripping

Resolving this issue will require some technical knowledge and safety gear. A circuit breaker that frequently trips will need a replacement. To replace a faulty circuit breaker, it must be taken out of the main panel. This is done by unscrewing the connections which disconnect the circuit breaker from the main power source. The circuit breaker can then be pulled out and swapped with a new one. The removal process is tricky since it deals with high-voltage electricity. One false move and you could be seriously injured. This is the reason why it is recommended to hire an electrician Columbia for such tasks.

Lighting problems

If you have a problem with one or more lightbulbs at home, you can simply replace them one by one. However, if you plan on upgrading the lights in your home, you should hire a lighting contractor. Most of the time, the problem is with the lightbulb itself. It rarely happens when the actual lighting fixture is the source of the problem. In either case, an electrician must be called to handle the problem. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting for an electrician to come, you can always replace the lightbulbs yourself. Just be sure that you don’t accidentally electrocute yourself.

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