Columbia electricianHurricanes can potentially be life-threatening. The devastation it can leave behind is enormous. Power could go out for days and communities are left without electricity to use for their daily needs. If you want to protect your family this coming hurricane season, you should be ready. Among the things that you should prepare is a generator. There are different types of generators that you can choose from. Portable generators don’t require installation by a Columbia electrician. However, standby generators need to be set up by an electrical expert.

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t brush aside the idea of owning a generator:

To provide full protection for your home and appliances

Portable generators are just fine. They can provide electricity when you need it and power up your appliances. However, the capacity of portable generators is quite limited when compared to a standby generator. It is worth the investment to spend your money on a standby generator. Although you will need an electrician to set up a stationary generator, it can provide a greater amount of electricity and power up automatically when the power goes out, effectively protecting your home and appliances from electrical fires.

Standby generators require less maintenance

Unlike their portable counterparts, standby generators don’t need constant refueling. They can run on natural or propane gas which is already hooked up to your home. This means there’s little to no maintenance involved. It’s not often that there’s a blackout in your area. But when that time comes, your home will be prepared and your generator can power up without fail.

You get to save food and money

Let’s say electricity goes out for more than a week. Food in your fridge starts to spoil and you are left with no choice but to throw them out. However, if you have a standby generator installed, you can rest assured that all your food stock won’t go bad anytime soon. That’s one of the many conveniences of installing a stationary generator.

Buy a generator now to avoid shortages

There’s a huge chance that the power can go out when a hurricane comes. That’s why when hurricane season draws near, people stock up and that includes buying a generator for their home. Before the rush starts to build up, buy one for your family. If possible, choose a standby generator for greater convenience.

Know the type of generator you need

Before you rush into buying a generator, be sure that you fully understand what it is that you need. Consult with an expert like CHS Electricians Columbia to know more about the right kind of generator for your home. Each home has a unique set of electricity usage patterns. That’s why an electrician must first know how often you use electricity at home and for what. Through an inspection, an electrician can gauge and provide you with a recommendation on the type of generator that’s perfect for your needs.

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